The Legendary Of


This is a touching legend from Europe. Whether it is Duchess of Windsor who created a well-known romance, or the French lady in the last century, Daisy Fellowes, whom we are familiar with, they all have deep connection with jewelry. They may share the same concept with Cartier in the pursuit of true love. With unparalleled elegance peerless, they have created a legendary story after another. The Cartier cross pendant seems to have a subtle connection all these legendary.


In fact, on the wedding day of the Duke of Windsor in the last century, Cartier Cross Pendant has gradually shaded its light into the eyes of the upper class. This pendant can be valued as the most luxurious piece in all Cartier series. Amongst the Cartier Cross pendants we can usually buy, some are bracelets, and some necklaces, but this cross pendant alone has in total nine platinum cross linked from each other. So its luxury cannot be found in any product we can see on the market. The wedding day is the happiest moment of Duke of Windsor in his whole life, and Cartier had the honor to witness it all. These nine platinum is respectively embellished by ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst and other jewel. Together with the perfect cutting technology, this pink diamond engagement ring is able to release in its most dazzling radiance. This necklace has represented the handed down jewelry across the world, and also become the most highly talked one now. There is nowhere else for us to find such a distinctive, bright-colored jewelry nowadays Even if there is, who can have the honor to wear it? Perhaps it belongs only to love itself.


Since we speak of the Cartier cross pendant legend, I believe we all see the movie Sawyer’s love. Swanson, the actress, who is the most renowned American women in real life, Gloria. Her story with jewelry cannot be told overnight, and she has an indelible relation with all brand of . A woman like her may be born for the jewelry!


But do you know that she commissioned Cartier to design a necklace, and this has become a symbol of the Cartier cross pendant craftsmanship in Cartier history. This platinum product with diamond-inlaid in it uses agate as the buckle. It extends not only fashion, but also exerts the female charm to their limit. Now Cartier has earned a lot reputation, and become something we ordinary people can reach out to and afford. Perhaps these beautiful legend have brought out more significance of it and made us see what this century brand has achieved. You enable us the blessing of our closed ones and the meaning of love as we walk towards our own happy marriage.

The Legendary Of Cartier Cross Pendant

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